Introducing NOELLE

I am Noelle, a singer songwriter, living in Coleraine. I have been writing songs since I was 11. It's something that I was naturally interested in, which I found helpful when dealing with challenges and emotions. I am my songs and my songs are me. I write what I feel and I feel what I write. GuRu plays out like a story, where the start is the end and the end is the start and so the story progresses, with strength and character growing throughout until it comes full circle. 'Gu' is the dark and 'Ru' is the light, moving out of the darkness into the light, 'GuRu'.

I bear my darkness within the album from 'Do You Deny Me' onwards and reveal how I broke free from the 'Chains' in my life which ultimately lead to a wonderful and beautiful spiritual experience, a rebirth. I call my rebirth experience 'Monkey 47' and within this song I raise and give up my ball and chain to the heavens for transmutation.

The album has a great, strong message, 'We Are One',  and I hope it connects with your soul.

"The path to enlightenment presents obstacles of darkness, the suffering will lure you then free you, your connection will guide you".

Lots of love

      Noelle xo